Affordable Log Furniture,

Made in Michigan


How durable is TheLogMan's Furniture?

All of our furniture is made using mortise and tenon construction, which simply means that all of the joints are attached by inserting a 2" tenon into the upright. This is a very trusted and traditional method that has been utilized across the world for centuries.

What is checking?
"Checking" is a natural process that occurs in all cedar logs as they dry. As the wood release moisture, small surface cracks can result. This "checking" in no way affects the integrity or durability of the wood, and only serves to add a unique quality to each piece of furniture. It also serves to preserve the wood longer, as moisture retention promotes rotting and decay (a common characteristic of pine). Although most call this process "checking", we call it "character".
Do your beds utilize metal frames?
Absolutely not! All of our beds are built entirely of cedar.
Should I finish my cedar log furniture or railing?
The choice is left up to you. Many of our customers enjoy the natural look of our Northern White Cedar furniture. However, should you decide to finish your furniture we recommend water based products. Outdoor products, if left unfinished, will weather to a smoky grey color (should you decide to finish your outdoor furniture we recommend a finish with a UV protectant).
TheLogMan does offer a finish for all indoor furniture, most are already included in the price of the item. The finish is a water based polycrylic Your furniture will get 3 coats of clear finishing, and the result will protect your furniture and enhance its natural grains.
Facts about cedar:
  • Cedar is the lightest of any commercial wood in the United States.
  • Cedar has natural preservatives that make it resistant to decay, rot, and insects. Thus, it is often used in products that are in direct contact with water and soil.
  • Many types of wood will display excessive bowing and warping depending on the environment it is placed in. Cedar adjusts well to all climate conditions, making it a great choice for furniture and railing.

Do you deliver ?

Yes, local delivery is always free, and not so local delivery is available, call for quote.